LeafWallet - Easy to use EOS wallet

A safe, lightweight, wallet that better suits everyday habits

Download Chrome extensions

If you don't have access to the chrome store, you can install the extensions version offline via the link below.

Your data security

Everything in the LeafWallet is saved on your own device. LeafWallet will proactively alert you to applications that leak data leaks so you know the risks of providing information to them.

Application authorization

LeafWallet provides single sign-on (SSO) with asymmetric encryption and can log in to the application without a password. Prevent hackers from cracking the necessary parts of the account and prevent account intrusions. When the external website is authorized by the plugin, the plugin icon will change the color to prompt the user.

Wallet currency list, you can switch multiple accounts, and list the currency of the current account


Account resource management, intuitive management of resource collateral, RAM trading


Wallet settings, support for multi-language, custom nodes, etc.


Account rights management, support account to perform any permission change operation


The execution of each contract is clear and intuitive, ensuring the correct and safe execution of the contract



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Data Security

Everything in the wallet is encrypted and stored only on your own device, and all operations require a secure password that you set to ensure secure authorization.

Make digital cryptocurrency simpler

LeafWallet is the first cryptocurrency wallet designed for everyday consumers. It has the simplest and most intuitive user experience with cryptocurrencies.

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